YUE is a leading lifestyle magazine for luxury Chinese/Chinese American travelers to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Bearing the meaning of promise and rendezvous, YUE showcases the best places to go, see and shop for in America's leading destinations for the Chinese visitor.

《约》杂志是一本引领大都会时尚风情的中英双语杂志,面向游历纽约,洛杉矶,与拉斯维加斯的中国 豪华商务与休闲游客,以及当地广大华裔精英群体。撷取“纽约”、“约会”和“约定”之意,《约 》杂志为中国游客呈现美国最顶级奢华的度假场所、观光胜地与购物天堂。

YUE publishes four issues a year and covers fashion, jewelry, watches, art, shopping, culture, fine dining, real estate and education, offering China’s sophisticated readers a multi-faceted view and a better understanding of America’s elite lifestyle.

《约》杂志每年发刊四期,集时尚、珠宝、手表、艺术、购物、文化、美食、房地产和教育等话题于一 身,为华裔精英读者提供多方位的美国最前沿生活资讯。

YUE Magazine is a joint venture between Observer Media (publisher of The New York Observer), and CHINA HAPPENINGS, a multimedia platform focusing on the lifestyle industries in contemporary China.

《约》杂志由美国观察者媒体集团(出版 《纽约观察者》周报及其他刊物)与《中国正在》公司(一 个关注中国当代社会的多媒体平台)合资创办 。